About Us

At CEControl, we provide embedded programming services that encourage product creativity and innovation.


Our specialties include embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Embedded systems are devices that are a combination of hardware and software that are designed to perform specific tasks. These devices are now located in almost every aspect of our lives, whether it’s your car, a mobile device, a refrigerator or washer, or a child’s toy.

Embedded systems can also be programmed with IoT capabilities, which means the device is able to establish an internet connection via Wi-Fi to an IoT platform (cloud). IoT allows us, as the user, to remotely access the device to either collect data, change the device settings, or to update firmware.

Our goal is to exceed your expectation when providing our services. We use the latest technology in our embedded systems and IoT solutions that will push your products ahead of the competition and into the future. Whether you are looking to update a device or starting from scratch, we will provide solutions to your toughest problems.